Alumaskins Available for all Iphone4, 4s and Iphone 5

The Iphone 5s is breaking all of the records with more than 9 million sold in its first week. Does it have incredibly superior technology to the last two Iphone Models? Not a chance. But they sure do look amazing, especially with the gold or silver backing. Looks matter, and the 5s blows away the appearance of previous models. Until NOW! We've developed a product to update the look of your older Iphone models(4,4s and 5) to, not only match the aesthetic standards of the 5s but to even surpass them.

Our beautiful aluminum style skins come in gold and silver. They come in complete wraps, made with a similar material to that of 3m material. You can apply it to your device. And it doesn't just drastically improve the look of your phone, it also protects it from scratches too. Our skins fit the Iphones in such way that you can't even tell the phone is wearing a skin at all. They have a striking resemblance to the LV Iphone that costs $20,000, an all you pay is $20 for the skin that gives it that appearance.

Current Colors available

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Gold Alumaskin Gallery

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Silver Alumaskin Gallery

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